Ling Long & Prosper


F*ck me! It’s not often that I swear… OK you got me! But F*ck me! I put my alloys in for refurb yesterday and the people doing the refurbishment have kindly lent me a set of wheels & tyres in the mean time.

Anyway on the road to a football game yesterday,  I had to pull over because of  the noise, I thought that either a rear bearing was going bad or the wheels (which are a slightly different off-set to the originals) were rubbing on something.

On checking there is no interference and and the bearings are fine, it turns out that the culprit is the shocking cheap Chinese tyres that are fitted. One pair are “Ling Long” which I think is the Thai Bride from Little Britain and the other pair are something called Wanli, who may have been Bruce’s brother.

Anyhooo, I can’t wait to get my OEM tyres back on the car. I will need new tyres in a few months & one thing for certain I won’t be going for cheap Chinese shite.


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