At Last…

DFggk04XgAAb53g.jpg-largeThe Saga of the Golf is hopefully over, I picked it up from the dealership this afternoon after it had been in the bodyshop for the week.  It first started a year ago, when rust appeared on the front wheel arches, after an argument with the dealers after they refused to repair or replace the wings saying that it was outside of warranty & that there was no goodwill for replacement.

After getting VW UK involved they agreed that a 12 year warranty meant a warranty period of 12 years, not 11 or 10 or 9 so they agreed to replace the front wings.  For 10 months all was well until I noticed that the paint was delaminating on the top of one of the wings. The dealership agreed to rectify the problem, after a bit of a discussion they also agreed to spray the bonnet as well for the cost of the consumables (£90 inc VAT).

I have to say that it looks nice, hopefully it will last longer than the last paint job that they did. I fitted new headlights a couple of weeks ago & the car now only needs the wheels refurbished & it will look like a brand new car again.


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