Yet more backing up


As disks are so cheap at present, I have added a couple more to my back up my archive. The archive currently covers a number of 2TB disks, many of the images were shot with EOS 1D, EOS 1D mkIIn & Mark 4s, since upgrading to 1Dx bodies the rate that I am filling 2TB disks is increasing. SO another 10TB (5 to use & 5 as a back up).

Disappointment today


I was supposed to be photographing Brentford v Blackburn Rovers today, traveled to Griffin Park (thank god it was at home) only to find that I wasn’t on the list. Would have been a good game to cover being the last game of the season & the Brentford Team spending some time post-match thanking their fans.  Anyway, it was not to be, so an early bath, fortunately my Sat Nav alerted me to a huge tailback on the A3.