Wetter than an Otters pocket

12/03/2017. Surrey Half Marathon. Tony the FridgeDamned that was wet. I was sent to cover the Surrey Half Marathon, and boy did it rain. Fortunately I got there earlier than required, was able to park & photograph the 5k race as well as the half marathon. 4,500 runners, mostly running for charity, including “Tony The Fridge” who broke his own world record for running a half marathon with a fridge on his back.

12/03/2017. Surrey Half Marathon

Anyway the kit is now drying out & so am I, the next job in the diary is AFC Wimbledon v MK Dons on Tuesday night. I hope that the weather improves for that, then on Wednesday night it is Guildford City v Woking in the Surrey Senior Cup.

12/03/2017. Surrey Half Marathon


Brentford v Huddersfield

Brentford v Huddersfield 0002

Lasse VIBE shoots

Disappointing to see Brentford lose today, they weren’t really in the game, which is reflected by the number of photgraphs I took. I covered the Brentford attack & shot some 280 photos. On the up side the new stool was very comfortable.

Brentford v Huddersfield 0001

Can You Tell What it is?


Arrived home today to find a parcel had been delivered, I wonder if you can tell what it is?


Yep it is an adjustable stool. Quite expensive for what it is, but it does at least enable the seat height to be adjusted up to 18 inches, which should be high enough to photograph over the top of advertising hoardings that seem to be prevalent at football matches these days.

I hate Sensor Cleaning


The crud on that sensor

I mean I really hate cleaning the sensors in my cameras, I have aways done it myself going back to the days when I had to practically dismantle a Canon DCS 3 to get to the sensor. So over the last 20 years I have probably had to do it 20 or so times, but I still hate it.


All clean.



Seeing as on match days I am now using an iPad instead of a laptop to wire images to the picture desk, I decided that I needed something to transport it in and something to assist when editing photos.

So for transporting I purchased a Think Tank case, and to assist with editing a Snap Case with  a rotating handle.


So far everything works well, images from the camera go to the iPad via a WFT-E6 & Shuttersnitch. Images are selected on camera & sent to the iPad. Once the images have arrived they are automatically renamed and captioned (with a basic caption) and saved to a new directory. If they need editing, then that is done in Photogene and the pictures are then wired to the picture desk.

The great thing about this process is that the edit & download can be done during lulls in the action, no need to swap CF cards or mass-download, just the images that I want are sent to the iPad. This also means that photos can moved every few minutes, which is ideal for live blogging football matches.



QPR v Cardiff

04/03/2017. QPR v Cardiff City. Action from the Match Yeni NGBAKOTO celebrates

04/03/2017. QPR v Cardiff City. Action from the Match Yeni NGBAKOTO celebrates

Diary job today was Queens Park Rangers v Cardiff City, QPR won 2-1 after going a goal down.


Bloody Hell!

img_0290aWell that was bigger than I expected it to be…Purchased a couple of items for the studio kit, which will be going on a trip fairly soon. Amongst the acquisitions was a 135cm Deep Octo Box, a 100cm Octo Box, a few grids and various reflectors, barndoors etc. However on delivery of the 135cm box I opened it up and had a bit of a test run, damned the thing is huge.  I know it is 135cm in diameter, but ‘kinell’ it is big.

It’s first run out will be some corporate h&s & 1/2 length photos which should be fun!