SSD in 6th Gen iPod Classic


The hard disk in my iPod Classic had started to die, intermittent clicks & strange behaviour  and freezes each time it tried to read from a bad sector, so it seemed the right time to replace the disk with a Solid State Drive. So out went the “Corbyned” (excuse the language) 80GB spinning platter & in went a new 128GB SSD replacement.


Pleased to say that despite Apple’s best efforts to make it impossible to open the iPod without damaging the case, I eventually succeeded & after a couple of trial fits reassembled the iPod & reconnected it to iTunes and did a restore.

I am now the owner of a 128GB iPod Classic which, as I listen to it in the car will be slightly less vulnerable to all of the pot holes in Surrey’s roads.


The drive that I purchased, just in case anyone wants to try it themselves is the Zheino 128GB 1.8″ ZIF drive.

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