2016 Killed my monopod


Actually that is a lie, it didn’t kill it and in all likelihood the foot wore out sometime before I noticed it, I have removed soil from about the last 7 inches of the last section of the monopod. New foot ordered (actually 3 as they only do them in threes). I can’t complain as I purchased the monopod in 2001, so based on the age of the last foot, I should now have enough feet to last until 2064.

So for the next couple of football matches I shall go back to my even older Manfrotto 479 Aluminium Monopod. Which is a shame as when the weather is cold, as it is likely to be over the next few weeks, the Carbone 3449 was much less cold on the hands.

UPDATE. New foot arrived this morning many thanks to manfrottospares.com.



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