RIP Rick Parfit


07/06/2001. Francis Rossi and Rick Parfit take a break from rehearsals prior to a major world tour (Pic Paul Burgman)

I photographed Rick & Francis back in 2001 as they rehearsed for a world tour at a hotel in Epsom, two very welcoming rock stars. They greeted me with “Oh Hello, the Smudger has arrived” quickly knocked out a few frames for a magazine that I was commisioned by and then spent the next two hours listening to them run through their play list, man it was loud, they even apologised for not having a spare set of earpieces for me. My only claim to fame is having a personal concert performed by Status Quo. Fantastic memories also of their stories that they told during the breaks in performance, that will stick with me forever. RIP Rick & condolences to his family & Francis.