Useless Royal Mail

CgUQ_swWcAAreUA.jpg-largeF*cking useless Royal Mail, I waited in for a deliver that was “guaranteed before 1300hrs”. At about 3 O’clock I checked on the Royal Mail tracking system to find that they had allegedly attempted delivering at midday & left a card. They hadn’t and they hadn’t left a card either. So down to the sorting office I traipse.

Initially the guy behind the counter thought he was some kind of wise guy, ( “I didn’t try to deliver it, I was here all day” etc.  He then said that it would be “available to collect tomorrow”, & that I would know that if I “read the card” He was soon brought down a peg or two when I re-explained that they hadn’t attempted to deliver the parcel, they hadn’t left a card, and the tomorrow was completely unacceptable.

Anyway that daft twat  went and got someone else, who wasn’t much better. Eventually I had to explain to them that their job was to collect and deliver parcels, so they should know where the parcel is, they should know who was supposed to deliver it, and if they knew that, they could phone the twat & find out  where he & my parcel was.

Anyway eventually the second one said that I would have to come back tomorrow & see a manager, as there were not any about at present, having explained that “that’s not going to happen” She found  a manager, & I had to explain AGAIN that they were shite & in the wrong having failed to deliver & failed to leave a card, and that they should phone the post man that was supposed to deliver it & find out where he & it was. 10 minutes later my parcel was miraculously found. What A Fucking Shambles.

When ever I have dealt with private companies, when ever the driver gets back from his route I have been able to collect parcels usually within 20 minutes or so, never a problem, Royal Mail could learn a lot from them, they certainly need to train their staff.


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