Footy Tonight

26/10/2016 Guildford City v Horley Town

One decision that the ref managed to get right, just

Guildford City were not really in the game tonight & probably would have been beaten, but the margin of defeat was directly, I mean directly due to some, excuse the language but it is appropriate, F*CKING SHOCKING OFFICIALS. Now I have have seen shite referees before, in fact down at step 4 & 5 of the football pyramid it is largely expected, but I have never seen such shite masquerading as referees & assistant referees. If I wasn’t sure they were just shite, I could easily believe they were corrupt. Horley deserved their win, I am not saying they didn’t deserve to win, they did.

There is no way that you can either miss so many decisions or get them wrong & by such a big margin unless you are bent, incompetent or maybe they have cross trained from being netball refs, IDFK.

By the way I have no official relationship with GCFC as an independent press photographer I just hate incompetence, wether it is at GCFC or any other team that I regularly cover (inc Brentford, QPR, Fulham, Chelsea) or many other lower & non league teams.