How Have I Managed?

24/09/2016. VW Golf Transboard

24/09/2016. VW Golf Transboard

Storage of odds & sods has been a pain in the arse for ages, in the Jeep I had a plastic tub full of crap that I had to have with me, but in the Golf when the boot is loaded with the studio gear there isn’t enough space.  Anyway, I discovered one of VWs best kept secrets the other day, essentially it s a parcel shelf that fits under the parcel shelf. VW have discontinued the item, and it is no longer available from them, however, someone has remanufactured them in China and they are available in the UK. I ordered mine & it arrived within 4 days. Now there is no excuse for a messy boot, I still have one, just no excuse for it.

It currently holds a first aid kit, compressor, warning triangle,  car charger for the EOS1d batteries, Quantum car charger, AA Battery car charger, a couple of ball heads & clamps, velcro cable ties & some waterproof over-trousers.


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