Ok I tossed a coin


16/07/2016. Farnborough International Airshow. Boeing 727-200 Oil Spill Response Aircraft

And unfortunately you lost & here is the blog post about yesterday at the Farnborough International Airshow. Now this post comes before the post that is before it, so if you like I shall take you on a journey back in time. Saturday at Farnborough, don’t talk to me about Saturday at Farnborough, first up, I got there early & there were still 2000 cars in front of me. I got to the media centre to discover it wasn’t the media centre anymore but a creche or something similar other than the radio team, I don’t think there was any other media in the house.

And another thing (apparently you shouldn’t start a sentence with “And”, unless it is followed by “another thing” which it is, and it is my blog, so my rules) whereas on the previous day (Friday) there was loads of free tea & coffee etc, £4.00 sandwiches & pastries etc. today (Saturday just in case you had forgotten) nothing, & because it had become a creche you couldn’t leave £15,000+ worth of kit sitting un attended to yomp halfway around the airfield to get a cuppa & some scran.

Anyway (probably shouldn’t start a sentence with that either) but I have now and can’t be arsed to go back & change it, here are some of my fav pics from Friday fuck it, Saturday. Enjoy or don’t your choice.

I am a Geek

17/07/2016. Farnborough International Airshow. Twister Display Team

17/07/2016. Farnborough International Airshow. Twister Display Team

Apparently I am now a geek, I am used to being called a paparazzi, and worse whenever I am working but as I now have done 3 Airshows & have fourth one in the diary I am now officially a geek.  Actually that’s not strictly true, when it comes to planes I know sweet FA about them, I may know a few names of planes, I might if really pushed know a couple of model numbers, but not both at the same time.

Anyway three days covering the Farborough Internation Airshow was enough for me, I am now very sunburnt, very red. How did that happen, this morning was wall to wall cloud, then it rained, so there was only a couple of hours of sunshine (OK I also started to colour up yesterday). Well the main thing is all the pictures have been wired to the client, & tweeted relentlessly on Twitter, here are a couple of my favourites from today, I may do a few from yesterday & friday at some point.