The Trials &……

CkibxhOXIAAtGhs.jpg-largeBuying a new satnav from Amazon turned out to be harder than expected, having had a TomTom XL for  a while & objecting to paying the extortionate fees for map updates I decided that I would upgrade to one that includes life time updates for maps & speed cameras, duly ordered from Amazon, and everything was fine until 10 minutes after they were supposed to deliver, when it mysteriously disappeared, allegedly lost in transit.

A phone call confirmed that at 22.05 it disappeared of the scanners. So Amazon said they would refund, which was unusual as they usual just send a replacement. The reason seems to be that the price had increased by £45.00 from the time that I ordered it.

Anyway Fuck Amazon, Currys were doing the same unit for the same price as Amazon were initially. Anyway collected it this afternoon, & the website was borked, with the link to the software download giving a 404 Error.

They eventually sorted it & the software is now installed & updated. The  only problem is that the 6 inch screen is ‘kin huge.