Good Gig Tonight

the feeling

04 June 2016. One Live Festival, The Feeling onstage

Today I spent most of the day at the One Live Festival, with bands such as Star Sailor, The Feeling, Sunshine Underground, Reef & the inimitable & irrepressible  Prof. Noel Fitzpatrick. The day went well right up until the point that I tweeted a picture of Noel with Mark Owen, that I described as an ‘Ex-member of a boy band’ and in came the tweets claiming that I was wrong, which I probably was, but I am claiming a technical victory in that: well a) Take That are no longer a boy band, b) take that did split, and it was big news c) they did reform, but without Robbie, which wasn’t as big news & d) I don’t care 🙂


04 June 2016. One Live Festival, Reef on stage

Take that

04 June 2016. One Live Festival, Take That’s Mark Owen



04 June 2016. Star Sailor