More than 30 Years…

_PBA3549I have shot weddings for over 30 years, I did my first one when I was 15, on a Hasselblad 500cm (which belonged to my dad) & a Canon A1 which was mine, with 24mm, 50mm & 100mm glass, since then I have been lucky enough to have never had rain fall when I was photographing the Bride, Groom Family & Guests, I have come close on three occassions that I can recall, one a December wedding with snow on the ground, one an April wedding, it pissed down whilst in Church but the second we came out the sun did also, and so we get to today. Forecast was mixed, it rained up until an hour or so before, and started a couple of hours after, so I am still a good luck charm.

Anyway congrats to Chloe & Ben.


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