Quite Impressed

_PBA3151The old 16-35mm F2.8L will be in the post to the lens doctor at some point during the week, when I can find a suitable box for it to be shipped in. I am really quite impressed with the 17-40mm F4L lens that have purchased to temporarily replace it. So much so that rather than sell it when the old lens comes back I may use it for behind the goal photos at football games.   A shall give an more extensive test over the next few days as I have a wedding to photograph at the beginning of next month, that will require it a lot.

I must admit that I am quite excited about the work that the Lens Doctor offer, and I shall report back on how the refurbishment goes, I am also interested by the remanufacturing process that they carry out on some old Canon lenses, also intrigued by the custom conversion of old MF lenses to fit EF mount bodies. Had I known about their services before I might have kept a few of my old FD mount lenses.

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