I Love Brilliant Customer Service

19/03/2016.. Brentford v Blackburn

On the 23rd April  the catch on the laptop section of my Think Tank  Airport Accelerator V2.0 gave up the ghost…. a little plastic lug sheared off. Meaning that the section couldn’t be locked. A quick tweet to colleagues to see if they a knew of a solution, within a few hours both the UK importer & the manufacturer got in touch, the manfacturer messaged to say send us your address we will ship a replacement. Today (May the Fourth be with you)  a parcel from the US arrived complete with not one, but two replacement buckles.

The result 10 minutes later with the aid of a swiss army knife the broken part was replaced, in fact I think it took me longer to open the jiffy bag it was shipped in than to did to swap out the damaged component.

19/03/2016.. Brentford v Blackburn

19/03/2016.. Brentford v Blackburn

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