Disappointing Game


26/03/2016 Knaphill FC v Guildford City FC. City’s Tarome HEMMINGS beats the keeper but can’t find the back of the net

Disappointed to see the City lose at Knaphill in a game that will be mostly remembered for the absolutely f*cking atrocious refereeing decisions. Knaphill deserved the win, probably, after all they were far more successful at getting in the ear of the incompetent referee & the linesmen who would struggle to keep up in a “walking football” tournament. What really put the icing on the cake was the fact that the Knaphill ‘keeper went into a challenge after the whistle had been blown with the intent to maim a City player & came off worse. Knaphill supporters may say that this is sour grapes, but I also photographed their game with Westfield, and they were exactly the same in that match.

Anyway Karma does what Karma does.. and if Karma has something to do tomorrow, I imagine it will be to cause three match official’s cars to spontaneously combust, so that no other football club has to witness such shite officials.

Anyway I hope the Knaphill ‘keeper recovers quickly, I am fairly sure that it is a broken bone in the foot, rather than a broken foot.


Anyway on a positive, I was glad once again to see that the City players didn’t descend to the same level & everytime they were scythed down they got up, dusted themselves off & like real men, played football, rather than bitching to the referee. #UpTheCity!