Retirement Imminent


Canon EOS 1D Mark IIn

After nearly 8 years of service the old girl is about to retire, with some 120,000 frames to her credit she has never stopped working, she has had to be resucitated several times, over her life, twice in the last couple of years after 6+ hours in monsoon conditions needing a warm bed in the airing cupboard however she has always bounced back into front line duty. Her destiny now is to be relegated to behind-the-goal remote duty at football  games, along with her twin sister & a couple of cheap wide angles.

Her first paid for job was a trip to Rome to photograph Keira Knightly.

Kiera Knightly Rome  PPUK0005-Edit

Keira Knightly leaves Taberna Gracci with movie company colleagues. No re-use, no resale.

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