Egham v Bedworth

25/04/2015.   Egham Town v Bedworth United.   Brendan MATHEW's header hits the crossbar

25/04/2015. Egham Town v Bedworth United. Brendan MATHEW’s header hits the crossbar

Couldn’t get to the important Mole Valley SCR v Guildford City FC game today as work dictates that I had to visit an 8 goal thriller at Egham Town.

In other news, Guildford City won their game 2 – 0 and have avoided back to back relegations, so congrats to the new management team & their fantastic young players. Critics have said that they have no experience at this level, however, they have proved that a fantastic team spirit, great discipline, high work rate & sound tactics can be made to work at any level. I am confident that the new team (assuming that they stay together) will have a great future in the glorious City Red & White….