Mission Creep

missionpossible1I have experienced the definitive case of ‘mission creep’ over the last couple of seasons. It started when I was asked if I knew of somewhere that we could get a good deal on minibuses for the nightmare of a season for Guildford City Football Club, when they were dumped from a great height in the Bristol & District league (or the Calor South & West League as it is officially known). Having secured a great deal from Methold Vehicle Hire for a couple of 17 seater minibuses for each of the away games, it became clear that a driver for one of the minibuses would also be required, so seeing as I would be driving one of the buses, the camera equipment should also travel as well.

CitybusSo added to the list was match day photographer, after a few months, webmaster seemed to be added to my role within the club, oh & social media manager also…

Then during the close season the securing of advertising & sponsorship revenue were added to the list of things that needed doing.

Anyway the beginning of a new season & a lightening of the load occurred, no longer needing to drive minibuses, I am pleased to say that I have gone back to the role of match day photographer & webmaster for the www.guildfordcityfc.co.uk and the www.twitter.com/guildfordcity.

PB22217It has been an interesting & challenging 13 months or so, but hopefully some of the ideas that the we have put in place should make the financial position of the club a little easier to manage in future, and hopefully our new sponsors & advertisers will be with us for many years to come, along with hopefully many new ones as well.

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