Football Season Over

26/04/2014. Evesham United v GCFC. City's NUNO PERIERA scores equaliser

26/04/2014. Evesham United v GCFC. City’s NUNO PERIERA scores equaliser

Well that is the first season that I have been involved with Guildford City FC over with, it has been a long journey, tinged with disappointment, but being involved with a “community based” football team has been something of a revelation.

In years gone by, I used to photograph premier & championship football, it was a case of turn up, do the photos & fuck off soonest. However, at Grass Roots Football, where the FA don’t even care to look, and where the league system is fucked up fairly regularly, making small, non profit making teams embark on premiership style travelling distances without the money for coaches, hotels or travelling expenses. This (I hope just the first) season with Step 4 Guildford City has been “interesting”. No prima-donnas, just some very good footballers (some on their way down from higher leagues, some on their way up) giving their time, effort & skills to playing a game that they love, often for little or no reward.

This season has be interesting for a number of reasons, not only do I shoot the team for the local rag, I also drive one of the Team minibuses for away games, maintain their website, and their Facebook page, I have also got to know almost all of the players, and have to say that a nicer bunch of footballers I have never met. Polite, considerate & genuinely funny bunch, something that I could never say about the “celeb” footballers that I have photographed in the past.

Anyway Step 4 & 4000+ miles was a step too far this season. Hopefully they will be back in a seasons time, with the attitude, commitment and the work rate on the pitch, I can’t see them staying down.

Guildford City I look forward to being there next season 🙂

Maybe next season we will do more behind the scenes photographs…..

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