Shortwood United

Methold Minbus 007I drove one of the Minibuses to the Shortwood United v Guildford City FC match yesterday. They have a lovely little set up there, a nice compact little stadium and nice facilities, however the journey to get there is really interesting, I am glad that I was driving a “little” 17 Seat Minibus, anything bigger would have been a problem, I wish that I had set up a dash camera to record it.

If you haven’t been there you really probably can’t imagine. But I can help, you know the end of the Italian Job, where the coach is barrelling through the Alps, well keep that in mind, reduce the width of the road to a car & a half wide. Great Fun, but when it came to leaving it was even more fun, pitch black, icey and headlights that have next to no spread so turning in blind into a blind corner, time after time.

Thanks to Methold Vehicle Hire, another Away trip negotiated without a problem (unlike some previous trips last season, with another Minibus supplier)

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