Shortwood United

Methold Minbus 007I drove one of the Minibuses to the Shortwood United v Guildford City FC match yesterday. They have a lovely little set up there, a nice compact little stadium and nice facilities, however the journey to get there is really interesting, I am glad that I was driving a “little” 17 Seat Minibus, anything bigger would have been a problem, I wish that I had set up a dash camera to record it.

If you haven’t been there you really probably can’t imagine. But I can help, you know the end of the Italian Job, where the coach is barrelling through the Alps, well keep that in mind, reduce the width of the road to a car & a half wide. Great Fun, but when it came to leaving it was even more fun, pitch black, icey and headlights that have next to no spread so turning in blind into a blind corner, time after time.

Thanks to Methold Vehicle Hire, another Away trip negotiated without a problem (unlike some previous trips last season, with another Minibus supplier)

Football F*cks me Off

big-tomOk, let’s get this straight, I am a Gooner, always have been always will, “We are top of the league, We are TOP OF THE LEAGUE!”. But as a functionary of the Guildford City Football Club (I take photos & drive one of the team buses) I am thoroughly pissed off with the standard of refereeing in this league (The Calor Division 1 South & West). Today the GCFC were cheated by some shocking refereeing decisions, including one goal that was so far off-side that even from the other end of the pitch I questioned it.

It seems that a lot of the “western” teams know all of the referees by name as well as Assistants and not only the 4th Officials but also seemed to have gone to their daughters weddings, and today the GCFC manager was refused permission to talk to the ref & his officials after the game.

GCFC having some brilliant players that seem to be persistently targeted by referees because of the “former” GCFC disciplinary record which really annoys me, if you know me, you’ll also know that I am annoyed by lots of other things, lying, cheating, corruption & being shit at your job are just a few, and over the last couple of months I have seen them all from “match officials” It’s wrong, it has to stop..

I am not going to call the referees and assistants corrupt, YET. BUT F*ck me what do GCFC have to do to get decisions to go their way. I’ve got a grand or two in the bank, maybe that will help.

Well played to all of the GCFC players today, you certainly wouldn’t believe that Shortwood had knocked out Aldershot and met Port Vale in the FA Cup. In particular Pat COX, Calvin Thomas, Omari Hibbert. Josh Clayman, Dom Ogun, Dean Thomas (I was surprised, well played!) Darren Stapleton (no more bookings please) and others deserve special mentions, Didcott on Wednesday, more of the same spirit please,…..

GCFC today

23/11/2013  Shortwood United v Guildford City.  City ran out 4-0 losers after a spirited and physical match. City's PAT COX battles

23/11/2013 Shortwood United v Guildford City. City ran out 4-0 losers after a spirited and physical match. City’s PAT COX battles

Sometimes, Football just pisses you off. City fought and battled in a physical game against the team that beat Aldershot Town and then lost to Port Vale in the FA Cup. The result didn’t reflect the standard of the game, whilst 3 points was probably unrealistic, 40 minutes into the game they had more than “held their own”.

A second yellow for Darren Stapleton, kind of sealed the deal in the second half, but you have to say that if you are looking for positives out of a 4-0 drubbing, the main thing is that we made them work very hard, and at times they really didn’t look like a team that should give us a problem at home. Next up Didcott at home, 3 points please lads.