FA Cup Action

09/11/2013.  Brentford Town v Staines Town. FA Cup.

09/11/2013. Brentford Town v Staines Town. FA Cup.

Today I was covering Staines Town v Brentford FC, the first time that I have been at Griffin Park since 2001. My brief was Staines Attack, which was a shame as there wasn’t very much of a Staines attack as they went down 5-0 in the end. They were outclassed by a team that is I think, three leagues higher, and the class did show. If I was being harsh I would say it was like Men versus boys.

I don’t think that the Brentford keeper was required to make any actual saves, just plucked a couple of crosses out of the air. Otherwise until the last five minutes I think he had a problem keeping warm. However in the last 5-10 minutes Staines Town went close on a couple of occasions.

Disappointed to lose my 100% record

GCFCHaving covered every match for Guildford City FC (both home and away) since the beginning of the season, I am disappointed to miss my first match, however today I am at Brentford v Staines Town in the FA Cup. As was pointed out I still cannot get away from teams in Red & White Stripes.

Should be fun though…. Pictures Soon.