Well that was different

big-tomAfter many years working for the national newspapers, this weekend was the first time that I have worked for a local paper. What a difference! Whereas for the nationals it was very rare that I would cover more than 2 jobs in a day, then it was a rush to wire the images as quickly as possible. Frequently “doorsteps” would involve standing around from stupid o’clock until late, usually with 10 minutes of frantic activity followed by a rush to move the photographs as quickly as possible. Because even if you are on a paid shift for a title, frequently the picture editors would use the first photograph to land on their desktop, (especially so if it came from Reuters or PA etc).

Anyway this weekend involved lots of jobs, and then a leisurely trawl through the images, and as long as they are on the FTP server by Monday morning all is good.

It is funny that the pictures that seem to be favoured by the local press do not seem to have changed much in the 25 years since I last did the usual “grip ‘n’ grins”, “cheque presentations”, “tree planting ceremonies”.

Good Fun anyway.

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