Well it’s back…

sigma120300f2.8Having been away for a second “recalibration” the Sigma 120-300 F2.8 EX APO DG HSM (how many letters are needed in a name for a lens, this one has slightly more than the average Korean Car) is back from Sigma, first checks seem to show that it is now actually focusing where it should. The last time that it was used it was about 10% out, which on a 300mm lens at F2.8 is fairly significant.

However the true test is tomorrow, with the coverage of the Guildford City FC v Tiverton FC match at the Guildford Spectrum. Anyone in Guildford come and get behind “The City” If you have a season ticket for any other club, in any other league you will get a heavily discounted ticket, because tomorrow is NON LEAGUE DAY. A quick google will reveal all.