Having covered a few matches

ADEMENO scores for Crawley

ADEMENO scores for Crawley

“Footballers are stupid, give them a bit of responsibility and watch them mess up”. -Brian Clough.

Having covered a few matches over the last 20 years, and not seen very many Red cards, and GCFC suffering a near last minute red card a week or so ago, I wondered what the records were for Red Cards.

The fastest & probably the funniest was Cross Farm Park Celtic striker Lee Todd, who was sent off just two seconds into a game back in October 2000. Todd had his back to referee at the start of Cross Farm’s Sunday league game against Taunton East Reach Wanderers, and was startled by the force with which the whistle was blown for kick-off. “Fuck me, that was loud,” muttered Todd, and the referee promptly showed him the red card.

Dave Pratt hit the headlines in December 2008 when he received a straight red card in a Southern Premier League game between Chippenham Town & Bashley after a mere 3 seconds.


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