Under 16s To Vote?

big-tomAll the news channels have been talking about lowering the voting age to 16 years old. Several precocious brats have come on with the age old argument that they can join the Army and kill people at 16, that they can get pregnant at 16 and get married at 16, why can’t they vote?

Well there are a couple of issues, first you can’t join the army & Kill people, you are not permitted in the front line until you are 18 years of age according to EU laws

You can get pregnant at 16 if you’re a girl, but then who pays for & brings up your illegitimate brat, either the state or your parents.

And you can’t get married at 16 unless you have your parents permission.

And seeing as 16 years olds are likely to vote for their favourite colour, anyone promising to offer to reduce pub going age to 8 years old, or the most attractive candidate. I suggest that you concentrate on passing exams..


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