F*ck Me, Are We Morphing Into Americans?

big-tomI blame it all on SkyNews.

Watching Walter Mitty and Barack Obama arguing the toss over their respective manifesto’s, I came to the conclusion that BO had won. However Adam Boulton and a couple of yanks were doing the post mortem & seemed to think that BO lost, because he was hesitant, kept looking downwards and that Walter had scored a couple of one liners. Now I know that Americans are superficial, indeed most of them are retarded, however, it set me thinking that back in the day, our newspapers used to analyse and report the content of the Labour/’Conservative/Liberal speeches, whereas because of the 24 Hour news coverage, everyone knows what was said, that the media seem to concentrate on how it was said. Typical “style over content”

There is no two ways about it, Ed Milliband’s speech the other day, made without notes was quite impressive. But anyone who thinks that just because someone can memorise an hours worth of speech, (that he is alleged to have written himself, about his life, his upbringing, his school and the fact that he repeated “One Nation” 42 times) means that he is suitable to lead the opposition is frankly delusional, indeed, one might say if you are a pro Milliband Labourite, you are on the scale of things, American.

If you asked me to speak about my life, without hesitation, repetition & deviation, I am fairly sure that I could manage at least 2 hours, because strangely enough I was there, I lived it.

So there we have it, the UK is turning into the USA, but without the upsides, which include a constitution and being a long way from Europe, The EU, The ECHR and to be honest the French.

Just Saying


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