Rebekah Brooks Must Go

The News OF The World, debacle continues, like a media based reality show, it is like watching a car crash in slow motion. Rebekah was the editor of the NOTW during the time of much of the voicemail hacking. How she can possibly deny knowledge beats me, it either means that she was incompetent, and not aware of what her staff were doing, or she was complicit. Knowing that the Private Investigators charge big fees for their work, she must have signed off on the work that they were commissioned to carry out. For my money, she was in it up to her neck.

I am also pissed off with the poor standards of reporting by the other newspapers on the story. It really is not phone hacking, it is accessing the voicemail box of a mobile phone account. Until relatively recently voicemail box security was very lax, as long as you knew the mobile phone number and the airtime supplier you could dial up from a land line and enter mobile number ,the default pin number and you are in, the default used to be either 1234, 0000 or the last four numbers of the mobile phone number.

The Guardian reported that the voicemail box of Milly Dowler’s mobile was full, because it was “an older model” phone, which is bollox, the voicemail box is not on the actual phone, and has nothing to do with the age of the phone. I am also fairly sure most mobile phone companies delete voicemail messages, unless saved after a relatively short period of time, my network provider deletes them after 7 days.

I await with interest to see how many more newspapers are investigated for the same offences, they are all pointing finger at the NOTW, how long before The Sun, Star and others are investigated?


One thought on “Rebekah Brooks Must Go

  1. I feel for the innocent staff working there now who were not there at the time who are being made redundant.

    Not only should Brooks go, she should be charged along with Murdoch, who surely must have known what was happening.

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