Is it just me?

big-tomI have just seen the advert for the new Peugeot 308, which features a track from Flash & The Pan called “Walking In the Rain” and a a woman getting soaking wet in the rain. Is it just me that thinks the advert is suggesting that the 308 is better than walking in the rain? If so, then it must be as truly awful as it looks.


So Taggart is to finish

Alex Norton From Taggart

I have discovered why taggart is to finish, it is not because the English cannot understand the accents that sound like Alex Ferguson when pissed out of his head (which is constantly) it is because the lead actor is up on charges for the murder of Millie Dowler. A story that I covered at the time, after Surrey Police decided to tell the Press for two days that nothing was amiss and that a school girl wasn’t missing. Just to prove it to you here are the photographs to prove it.

Murdering Bastard Bellfield

Are the DM reporters blind?

To accompany this picture their headline was “Is that really you Katie? Make-up free Miss Price looks pretty and fresh faced without her war paint.” Pretty, PRETTY, the bint is a fucking Minger, with or without make up. However you’d have more chance of finding me hanging out of the back of it with her make up on. Without the applied slap she looks the same as her personality, a talentless, ignorant archetypal chav. End Of.

You Said No

big-tomSo hopefully that will be the end of it for a good few years, First Past The Post the right way to go, it works why change it, F*ck the Lib Dems and the Labour tossers and the vegatablists, environmentals and the other losers that wanted a second bite of the cherry.