Sky News Are Crap…

burley-shut-upWhen I am watching Sky News, I know that I am watching Sky News, the give away for me is the SKY logos all over the fucking place. They also refer to everything prefixed with the word Sky, for example, Skycopter, instead of helicopter, Skystrator for illustrator, Sky Sources instead of sources.

How long will it be before they have to have a Product placement logo at the beginning of their programmes. I wouldn’t surprised if they start referring to random bits of furniture in the studio as the Skychair, the Skydesk, the Skyputer…..

I know that I always refer to Kay Burley as Skybint, and Eamon Holmes as Skytwat.


2 thoughts on “Sky News Are Crap…

  1. They might not go to such ludicrous lengths, but the flaming BBC are nearly as bad at pre-fixing the corporation’s name to everything.

    The medium is the message, as someone said.

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