Ok So Mubarak has gone

big-tomBut in an interview with CNN a protestor outside the Egyptian Embassy in LONDON said

This was a day of celebration. College lecturer Khairy Eteiwy, 34, summed up the mood: “Tonight we have made history.
“We can now tell our children that we were here, we contributed, we’ve done something amazing and that’s never happened before.”

Yeah, but you were not really there, you didn’t make history, did you? No Secret Police beatings, No rock throwing, no tear gas canisters launched and no live rounds fired. Number of UK Egyptians killed or injured outside the Embassy in London equals None, Nil, Zip, Nada, Fuck All. You can tell your kids that you were thousands of miles and several time zones from the action.

Not to knock what the Egyptians have achieved (we should have done the same with Tony ‘Fucking’ Blair), but it is a little early for celebrations. I mean we got rid of his Tonyness and ended up with Gordon ‘Fat Bastard’ Brown. THey could end up with some Taliban extremist in charge, but hell as long as they have voted for him, I suppose it is a result of some sorts.


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