F*cking Yanks

I was sitting watching TV the other day and there was an advertisement for California. Where the opening line was something like ” There are a lot of misconceptions about California, most of them are wrong”

Hang on you retards, if they are “misconceptions” then surely they are all f*cking wrong. America a country of 250 Million wankers, that don’t understand the word wanker.


3 thoughts on “F*cking Yanks

  1. Scooter might have it right, regardless you f*cking limies better get your own house in order — your degenerate society is so over ran with muslims and 3rd worlders your quickly losing your sense of ‘Englishness.’

  2. Two wonderful examples of the inability to use the English Language. Just Sayin’….

    And as for “immigrated English tossers” unless you are a Native American you are only two hundred or so years from being an immigrant, either from “the Old Country” or somewhere in Europe. As I said F*cking Yanks!

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