Bob Crow Phone Hacked?

Bob CrowBob Crow or the RMT have gone to the Police to ask if his phone has been hacked. According to the BBC & Sky News

“Bob Crow, general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT), said he believed he may have been targeted by the News of the World.

“RMT has had suspicions that journalists may have had access to private information about my movements and my union’s activities,” he added.

Now forgive me if I am wrong, but surely you go to the Police and report a crime, either that you have witnessed or have been a victim of. If I have got it wrong then, I shall go to the Cop Shop, to ask if I have ever been a victim of a crime, and can they investigate it?

I am also a bit pissed that the phone hacking is all leveled at the News Of The World, they were all at it, The Sunday Mirror certainly were when I worked for them (The stories I could tell you). From memory there was also a story about Rio Ferdinand and his missed Drugs test that the Sun Newspaper ran, that stopped all newspapers from hacking phones for a few weeks, because The Sun had printed so much detail, the only way they could have done it was by hacking his phone account. From memory they also published part of an itemised phone bill. D’Oh.


Banged Up

Smug arsehole,

Tommy Sheridan the Former MSP & ex-leader of the Scottish Socialist Party is, as of now, relaxing in a prison cell after committing perjury in court, in attempt to clear his name and extort £200,000 from the News Of The World. Anyway after sentencing the bint that is his wife didn’t half come out with some bollox on the court steps.

She said: “As for Tommy, well, Tommy has dedicated his life to helping others. The real reason why he’s been imprisoned today is because he has fought injustice and inequality with every beat of his heart. But it won’t be long before Tommy is back stronger and continuing the fight.”

Hang on you retard, reason he was imprisoned was because he was a lying cheating tosser, who tried to persuade friends and colleagues to lie for him, and when they refused he had a hissy fit. This man should never be allowed to work in politics again.

According to the Daily Mail.

“But Sheridan’s Solidarity party branded the three-year sentence ‘barbaric and draconian’.
A spokesman said: ‘Solidarity will continue to give our full backing and support and backing to Tommy, and in particular to Gail Sheridan and the family at this difficult time. Neither Tommy Sheridan nor Solidarity will be broken. We stand, as always, in solidarity.’

Obviously goes to show that the Solidairty Party are also a bunch of arseholes that don’t believe that telling lies in court is wrong,

Eamonn Holmes is a twat…


Eamonn Holmes is a twat, it is official. This morning he claimed that a Penguin seen in Northern Ireland, on a Zebra Crossing outside the George Best Airport. is unusual enough, but then to claim that it must have come from the undercarriage of an airplane defies belief.

Quite how he thinks that a Penguin could climb into the undercarriage of any aircraft is beyond me. How he thinks a Penguin would survive a fall from the same undercarriage whether at ground level or on landing approach…… I mean Eamonn, you realise that these fuckers don’t fly, don’t you?

Just one other possibility Eamonn is that it has escaped from either a Private Collection or alternatively from Belfast City Zoo, which has a record of break-ins and breakouts over recent years.

F*cking Yanks

I was sitting watching TV the other day and there was an advertisement for California. Where the opening line was something like ” There are a lot of misconceptions about California, most of them are wrong”

Hang on you retards, if they are “misconceptions” then surely they are all f*cking wrong. America a country of 250 Million wankers, that don’t understand the word wanker.