Bloody HMRC

big-tom Thanks to the Nu:Labour wankers people are now getting huge tax bills from the HMRC. Not only did Labour put together two creaking behemoths in the form of Customs & Excise and The Inland Revenue and expect them to work more effeciently than they did separately (which is fucking deluded to start with) it also didn’t update the tax system, which is outdated and broken. Progressively more stupid Prime Ministers and Chancellors added Tax Credit, to Benefits to a system that couldn’t cope. Add to that the general incompetence of most of the civil servants employed by HMRC it was always going to be a fuck up of enormous proportions.

With new revelations published today that the HMRC don’t even know how big the problem is going to be. I shall leave you with a thought: Never have so many been so incompetent.