Sir Grabalota Cash is back

9 Sept  2006.  Tony Blair arriving at Congress House.

9 Sept 2006. Tony Blair arriving at Congress House.

I am glad to see that Tony B’Liar is back in domestic politics, to help the “swing voters” make up their mind.

I am convinced that it will help to drive them all towards the Tories. He spent most of his speech “upping” Fat Bastard, yet I am sure most of the great unwashed will remember the bitter acrimony between the two before he stood down.

Well Done to Gordon Brown and B’Liar. Only good thing was that we didn’t have to witness the the ugly cow as well.

One thought on “Sir Grabalota Cash is back

  1. Deffo needs ramming home how these people’s legacy is the culture of spin, smearing, cronyism and money-grubbing.

    All that, in other words, which they tried to taint the other lot with in 1997 when what they were guilty of really was dropping their pants too often and being idiots. The stuffed envelope trio never did do what Fayed supposedly wanted, which is why he “outed” them (and why wasn’t his collar felt over the bribery).

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