big-tom According to the Daily Express:

‘A Conservative MP has admitted sending a letter to Lord Mandelson in which the Business Secretary was referred to as “Mr Mandelweasel”.
Isle of Wight MP Andrew Turner said the bizarre comment was “a bit of a boob” for which he accepted responsibility.

The message, on Mr Turner’s official Commons notepaper but not signed by the MP, was sent by his office when it forwarded a constituent’s letter raising concerns about the Digital Economy Bill.

The original letter referred to Lord Mandelson as “Herr Dictator Mandelweasel”, and an unnamed member of Mr Turner’s staff appears to have copied the name without correcting it.

Mr Turner said: “We all make mistakes sometimes. This is obviously a bit of a boob – and I hold my hands up.”‘

I am sorry, I can’t see a mistake or a boob here, can you?

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