Bloody Annoying

Picked up a brand new Sigma 120-300mm F2.8 EX DG HSM lens recently to replace one that was stolen by ParcelForce, First time out in anger with it on Saturday, and the lens is almost completely un-useable, except possibly as a door stop.

Having raved about the previous version that had, I am prepared to give it the benefit of doubt, and say that it might be just a dodgy one that has slipped through the quality assuarance process. It is also not as quick to AF as the previous one, even with a sticky motor.

Bloody Useless AF

The picture is an example of how far out this lens is, every thing shot with my Canon Glass is spot on, but the Sigma is way off, with both bodies. Here is a section of the image, now baring in mind that I was using Servo AF, 400ISO, 1/6400 sec at F2.8, and the womble was barely managing walking pace, I don’t think that it is user error, in-fact as it happened in nearly 200 photographs I know that it isn’t.