Pleased To Report

sigma120300f2.8That today I took delivery of a factory fresh replacement Sigma 120-300mm F2.8 DX APO HSM lens to replace the one that the thieving bastards at ParcelForce nicked. There have been some changes since the last review that I wrote for the lens, I will have a look and see if there has been any performance enhancements.

3 thoughts on “Pleased To Report

  1. They have modified the lens hood, the “nose bag” cap, and the case.

    The lens hood construction is improved with a rubber protective band at the end, so that when you stand the camera/lens on the floor it won’t scratch the matt black paint (similar to the Canon 300 F2.8L/400mm F2.8L hoods.

    The Nose Bag Lens cap is now padded balistic Nylon, rather than a horrible synthetic leather.

    The Case is now black rather than the original green, still no room for any extenders to be fitted though.

    Photos and an updated review will be posted soon.

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