Thieving Bastards

sigma120300f2.8Sent my Sigma 120-300 F2.8 for a service, as the AF Motor was a bit sticky, and on it’s way back, via Parcelforce, it has gone missing, it is now 14 days late, no proof of delivery and it is not in their network, so some thieving bastard has had it away.

If anyone is offered a Canon Fit Sigma 120-300 F2.8 EX DG HSM with a Sigma 105mm Skylight, TS41 tripod mount and no lens caps, for silly money please let me know, I will post the serial number when I can get hold of it.

Now I have to go through the process of getting ParcelForce to pay out for a replacement.

9 thoughts on “Thieving Bastards

  1. The sender (the repairer) presumably chose to use Parcelforce, they have the contract with Parcelforce to deliver to you, so it’s their responsibility to raise a cliaim… You had a contract with the repairer to service your glass, and return it to you, taking reasonable care in the process… Not your Job to go jumping through hoops to get your property replaced.

    Good Luck.


    • You are correct, but I was fully expecting to have to jump through some hoops. However, I spoke to my repairer (whom I’d have no qualms in recommending, in fact I have many times) they have ordered the replacement lens, direct from Sigma, and it should be here within a couple of days.

  2. Strange – your name came up about this very lens when I was chatting to one of the sigma reps at focus yesterday!

    Hope you get it back soon (or a new one at least)

    • You must have been talking to Ray. Haven’t spoken to him for a while, how is the old sod? Interested to know what was said?

      • Was trying to make my mind up between the 120-300 and the 300 prime after some of the stuff about the sharpness on the two.

        So, having a little go with each and asking about the sharpnes of the zoom rather than prime and he started with “there’s this press tog in London called Paul Burgman………..”

        • The prime does have a slight advantage in being a litte more portable, but the flexibility swings it for the 120-300mm. It isn’t a zoom though, it is a vari-focal lens, meaning that it needs to refocus as it is zoomed, it makes the AF work a little harder, than if it had been a proper zoom.

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