Sheeit, someone turn the lights on

Wimbledon v Crawley008Bloody Hell, I had forgotten how bad football lighting can be, I used to do premiership and championship matches, and they were bad enough, last nigh I did AFC Wimbledon versus Crawley Town, and as it was a 7.45 kick off it was dark, however they didn’t turn the lights on until about 7.15, so at kick off they hadn’t reached their maximum brightness. The first half I was shooting at 3200ISO 1/200sec wide open. By the end of the second half it was 1/500 sec wide open.

The worst match (for lighting) that I ever covered was a while back. The Kingstonians went on a bit of a FA cup run, so I was sent there. From memory I was shooting at 1600ISO, on a 200mm F1.8 wide open and still only getting 1/125 second in the corners and 1/30sec in the middle of the pitch.

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