Whacko Whacks It

Jackson in London Whacko Jacko finds the easy way out from doing 50 tour dates at the O2 arena, rather than give it large on stage, he wimps out by dying. Ta Ta Michael, I was a big fan of your music, if only you hadn’t gone mental, you might have still been with us.

There have already been a few funny jokes circulating.

Reports of Michael Jackson dying of a massive heart attack at home are incorrect, he was actually in the childrens ward, having a stroke.

What is the difference between Michael Jackson and Alex Ferguson? Ferguson will still be playing Giggs in August.

nice-jacksonApparently on hearing the news of Michael Jackson’s death Bubbles has gone ape and Uri has gone on another bender!


2 thoughts on “Whacko Whacks It

  1. Couldn’t stand his music or image. Overhyped in my opinion.
    He won’t be mourned in my house. We now have the terrible prospect of being inflicted with it everytime the radio or TV goes on – think I’ll pull out the plugs and hide them…………..

  2. It is worse than I thought, Uri Geller is proving to be a one man fan club. I have never heard any speak so much bollox. It woudl seem that there is no other news in the world.

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