Joe Cole’s Wedding

Joe Coles Wedding 0119Haven’t updated the blog recently, because I have mainly been busy re-writing the News Media Images Website and Blog. I haven’t either finished yet, but yesterday I was at Joe Cole’s Wedding in Chelsea. The story is that he had sold the pictures to Hello magazine, for a small fortune, however judging by the number of celebs that were present, I think he will be lucky to get paid anything.

The photograph is of Kara Toynton, the only other guests that I recognised were Michael Carrick and John Terry

5 thoughts on “Joe Cole’s Wedding

  1. You’re a very opinionated man ! Can you explain that the Guildford office and the st Albans office of your company don’t exist ? Nevermind!!!!! And togs blog should read twits blog as you seem to love the sound of your voice! Good luck but won’t be visiting this site again:)

    • And your point is? The whole point of a blog is to air views, opinions etc. You are also opinionated, and you posted yours here.

      Whether you visit again or not, you are confusing me with someone who gives a flying fuck. As for liking the sound of my own voice, first this blog is text based, there is no sound of my voice. Secondly how do you work out there are no premises in Guildford and St Albans? You clearly shouldn’t be allowed to play on the internet without supervision, where you have been licking the computer screen has obviously impeded your research.

      Thanks for wishing good luck, I shall not return the favour.

      Ta Ta

  2. I’m dissapointed in the fact that you feel I spend too much time licking computer screens, however I can assure you that you seem to do that far too much yourself and not enough time taking pictures as your library doesn’t exist so how can you be a news agency as there’s no current upto date pictures on there? Maybe you guys should try going to work ! Then maybe you would have something to write about rather than posing up as a poor James bond look a like! 🙂

    • Boy are you full of shit, so full, even your eyes are brown. You said you wouldn’t be back, but you just couldn’t stay away. If you don’t like something about me or my blog, then fuck off and don’t read it, you fucking retard.

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