It’s not April the First is it?

big-tomHave I fallen asleep and missed the best part of a month? If I haven’t then this is surely one of the biggest fucking piss takes ever done, that isn’t an April Fools prank.

Some deluded wankers in HMG have decided that all trips abroad should be logged 24 hours prior to departure, in some new piece of shit database scheme called E-Borders. By all means have a database, simply scan all passports on entry or exit from the country, hook it up to the PNC database and anyone that comes up with an outstanding warrant or flagged by a security agency is quietly take out of the queue and shot, simple.

I regularly travel abroad at frequently less than 2 or 3 hours notice, how the fuck am I supposed to travel to a breaking news story, if I have to give 24 hours notice.

Also this has to be done on-line, my parents wouldn’t know what a computer was if you dropped on their feet, yet alone what an internet is for. So anyone that can’t do it on-line is essentially barred from travelling. Fucknuggets and Fuctards the lot of them.

Do we really trust the government or any of their agencies to hold this kind of information on us, how long would it be before the details are lost and used for nefarious purposes. When I say nefarious purposes, I mean a non-governmental nefarious purpose.

If you had no reason to travel into London on the 1st of April to demonstrate, now maybe you have, this is a ridiculous proposal by a frankly ridiculous government, run by a ridiculous one-eyed Scottish Wanker, and his scottish friends, that should be the first against the wall come the revolution, bollox who needs a revolution, just take the c*nts outside and shoot them any way.

Here is a link Click here


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