Two jobs in the diary today

_pb11183Two jobs in the diary for today, the first was the unveiling of a plaque to commemorate the drummer from The Who, Keith Moon.

The plaque was unveiled by The Who’s lead singer Roger Daltry and Keth Moon’s mum Kit.

There was an impressive number of Mods present, something like 80 or so mopeds, when I say mopeds I mean proper mopeds, Vespas, Lambrettas and the such like, not the poxy buzz boxes that city workers pilot inexpertly across town every day.

As usual burgy got there early, and got a reasonable space in the area allocated to press togs, by the time that the ceromony started there must have been something like 20 togs there.

_pb11110As well as Roger Daltry, there were appearances by P.J. Proby, Jeff Beck (I think), Frank Williams (The Vicar in Dad’s Army) Phillip Maddoch (the German submarine captain in Dad’s Army). Mike Reid (former Radio One DJ) and Michael Melia (who played Eddie Royal in Eastenders).


2 thoughts on “Two jobs in the diary today

  1. You are right, that’s what happens when you combine writing a blog and having a few beers at the same time. Obviously I meant scooters, but I can’t change it now you have pointed out my error. πŸ™‚

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