Bun Fight at the OK Coral

michael-jackson-ppuk001Fuck me, Michael Jackson fans are complete fucking lunatics. 40 Press photographers and Paps outside the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane and 500 screaming fucking lunatics behind us. In the melee one tog at least ended up with damaged equipment. Unlike Michael Jackson who is damaged equipment.

Anyway MJ was there to see Oliver, the stage version of Oliver Twist.

More to Follow….

As promised, the night started early, with a trip to the theatre, no hope of even a vaguely exclusive as one of the London Freeby newspapers had published the fact that he was going, so what should have been a simple job turned into the mother of all fuck-ups. Most of the security were as good as gold when it came to dealing with the pro-snappers, however the bitches (men) and slappers of the Michael Jackson, “we want to have your babies fan club” made it difficult for them.

I have been in the field with some hard-core “pop-culture” fanbois. but fuck the MJ crew are truly deluded. There were some daft blokes, that were upset, to the point of tears, that Michael wouldn’t even look in their direction. A quick point for you fellas, he likes them young, unless you have a box of lego, he aint interested.

michael-jackson-nmi003As for the women, there were several retards, screaming after the event, “it’s not fair” cos they didn’t see him, well you daft tarts, life is not fair, and again he wouldn’t be interested, unlike me, “if there’s grass on the wicket lets play cricket” he’s more “Hmmm, I can fuck once then if I turn you over I can pretend you are a five year old boy”

Anyway the Met Police turned up, as usual, with the wrong equipment, two rozzers on horse back and about 20 on foot. To police a section of footpath 10 feet by 20 feet. Scared the living shit out of the MJ fans, which was nice.

Anyway good fun was had by all, it was also nice to bump into some old friends, not quite so nice to have the sanctity of my jeans tested by some the shirt lifting MJ fanbois, but glad to say that my Hugo Boss Denims lasted the night, without a stain on their reputation.

michael-jackson-artyshit2Even managed an Independant style side lit shot of the Jacko, think my Quantum leads are going home, I can’t complain they are 6 years old at least.

The only surprising thing is that no-one seemed to mention, Michael Jackson, took his kids, to see a play about child abuse, I believe that whilst he was in the theatre he also met the cast, I can’t imagine that Rowan Atkinson was the one he was interested in meeting.

2 thoughts on “Bun Fight at the OK Coral

  1. Cheers Steve,

    Not as far as I know. Had a few favourable comments about it, but I can’t really take all the credit, it was after all someone else’s flash that provided the light.

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