Talk about leaps of faith

big-tomBloody reporters on News24 and Sky don’t half talk bollox. After the shooting up of a cricket team bus in lahore some airhead claimned that the attacks were carried out by the same group as the Mumbai attack. The reasons for this assumption, according to one reporter,

” Well, there were a similar number invovled in the attack, 10 in Mumbai, and 14 in Lahore”

Not very similar then,

“they had AK47s”

Who fucking doesn’t every terrorist group use them, and countless non terrorists also own them, there are millions of them in the world.

“They were very well trained”

Hmmm, the BBC claimed the attack went on for 20 minutes, to only kill 7 people when armed with AK47s, Rocket Launchers and Hand Grenades, doesn’t strike me as particularly well trained.

“They wore flack jackets”

Hmmm Don’t recall the other lot wearing flack jackets

They had back packs

So did the 07/07 Bombers, ohh and the 21/07 failed bombers, and so was I today well that must make me a member of the same terrorist group then.

I am not saying that the two are unrelated, they could well be the same organisation but, if they are proved to be unconnected I bet neither the BBC or Sky apologise for getting it wrong.