Ok lets kick start the economy Gordon.

He Swears a Little Bit

He Swears a Little Bit

Several points…..

Firstly, because of the economic climate,drop all green taxes, reduce fuel duty, reduce the Car Tax back to it’s previous levels.

Remove Congestion Charging.

Prevent Councils from racking up parking charges.

Force Banks and Building societies to reduce ALL mortgages inline with the Bank of England Base Rate.

Force Electricity and Gas Supply companies to reduce prices in accordance with the falling price of raw materials.

Quit sending Millions and Millions of pounds to foreign countries that are never going to pay it back. Charity starts at home.

Improve Tax breaks for small businesses, making capital investments, re-introduce the 1 year write down for IT equipment.

Quit giving “jobs” to the “old boy network”.

Reduce the cost of government by ensuring that all senior MPs reside in “grace and favour” homes rather than claiming huge amounts in expenses. (why not buy a street of houses and place them all there, including, the Home secretary, foreign office minister, etc. these then belong to the country, rather than lining the pockets of MPs it would significant reduce the cost of providing police protection).

Get ex Prime Ministers to pay for their own security (Tony Blair is costing this Government over £1,000,000 a year just for Police Protection).

Reduce the bureacracy of the NHS, Police Forces etc, centralise purchasing, imagine the discounts 43 police forces could negotiate with car suppliers, rather than individual police forces. The same with NHS, every Primary Health Care Trust has it’s own purchasing department, that means hundreds of duplicated jobs all over the country.

I am sure that you have more ideas, please feel free to add them, I shall steal them as use them as the basis for my own manifesto, I shall rope in Jeremy Clarkson and Geert Wilders to form a political party and we’ll be off.


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