Photographing Police a crime

pigchaossmallAs pointed out here recently the introduction of the a new piece of legislation, designed to reduce our civil rights comes into effect on the 16 February. The Home Office have come out with a comforting statement. “Soon-to-be-introduced anti-terrorism laws will not increase police powers to stop photographers because the rules are already laid out in existing legislation”

Yeah fucking right, As I pointed out previously it is down to the twats on the beat, who will interpret the rules however they want. The national media have done fuck all, but now the BJP and the NUJ are organising a Police Photography day at New Scotland Yard, turn up with your camera and photograph as many rozzers as you can, see the link for more info. Click Here Unfortunately I am covering a court case that day, so can’t make it, but trust me I will be photographing as many rozzers as I can after the 16th February……


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